TOPICS for THESES (update 06.2019)

For more information about the topics please email me. Theses can be written either in Polish (I can speak and read Polish) or English.

  1. Review of reinforcement learning methods (MSc)
  2. Application of genetic algorithm to linear regression (BS and MSc)
  3. Comparison of different metamodelling strategies (BS and MSc)
  4. Review of neural network techniques (BS and MSc)
  5. Application of peridynamics to a terramechanics problem (MSc)
  6. Semi-empirical models for wheel-soil contact (MSc)
  7. Discrete element method for wheel-soil contact model (MSc)
  8. Matlab GUI for uncertainty analysis (BS and MSc)

  1. Design of a auto balancing system (BS and MSc)
  2. Design of a single wheel testbed system (BS and MSc)
  3. Design of an interphone using ARDUINO (BS)
  4. Design of a robotic mechanism for soil experiments (BS and MSc)
  5. Reinforcement learning for reaction wheel control (MSc)
  6. Development of an existing satellite simulator (BS and MSc)

  • Available theses to be carried out in collaboration with CBK (Centrum Badan Kosmicznych) and DLR (German Aerospace Center)
  • Other topics concerning space technologies are also welcome


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