• Post 24.01.2020. The exam is fixed on Thursday, 30 Jan at 12:00 in D1-WA2. The exam consists of illustrating your project work by a presentation. The structure of the presentation will be similar to that of the report. All team members must be present and present their work. The report can be delivered later, accordingly to the deadline given in the project instruction. This is to give you more time for completing it and exploiting remarks that might arise in the presentation for improving it. The grade will be set based on the report + presentation + test + presence.

  • Post 19.12.2019. I uploaded material related to the first part of your project. Please address the tasks proposed in the instruction by 10.01.2019. Please also choose a leader in your team who will be in contract with me for defining details of the second part of the project. This person is to email me soon titling the email with your group number and topic information (e.g. [UA] group A - balancing system)

  • Post 04.12.2019. I posted new material in the reference page including the solution of the test and notes from another course on Uncertainty Analysis that can be helpful in your study.
    Next week there is no lesson. We meet on 15 Dec at 15:00 (instead of 14:00), our last meeting before the Christmas time, to discuss your project. Try to formulate within your group your project topic (it is suggested). In case you do not propose your own topic I will assign you one. 

  • Homework 28.10.2019. Calculate analytically probabilities of Exercise nr.2, pag.17 in Part2 of Calculus of Probability (we have already done it during the lesson). Next implement in Matlab a numerical (Monte Carlo) procedure that evaluates these probabilities, as explained in the lesson. The script should provide results very close to the exact solution provided by the analytic solution. Please print out the short script and deliver on paper in the next meeting. The assignment forms part of the final grade.

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