Research proposal

The expected impact of research on science is primarily due to the application of latest scientific achievements in the field of artificial intelligence methods for modeling complex processes in nature and impact of these processes on buildings and linear objects. The inclusion of such complex relationships and transfer them into algorithms for risk estimation will open entirely new paths of research. The impact of the proposed research project on science and its development will be significant. The results allow to predict harmful effects of surface deformation on the objects located in these areas, thus preventing them by designing specialized safety device. As a result, the model based on artificial intelligence and developed algorithms based on the integrated information system will contribute significantly to improving the quality of life for communities living in areas hazarded by surface deformation. Taking into consideration increasing in various parts of the country (especially in the south), the phenomenon of ground mass movements, the surface deformation occurring in the areas of mining activities, the study proposed in the project will contribute to the development of scientific methods that will have impact to the development of entire regions. The progress made in modeling the risk, using artificial intelligence will be a significant step of the research in this area.