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Mark Dobbs  I have been drafting and designing using Microstation or AutoCad software. I have also been installing, managing and supporting large CAD installations for the past 3 years.

Krzysztof Biniaś Freeware application for Microstation, Geomedia and GeoGraphics.

GIS on Internet
GISLinx The purpose of GISLinxTM To provide GIS users with a quick and easy source of information on a variety of issues. With 22 GIS related categories and over 800 links, GISLinx can give you all the information you need.  

 GeoWeb Interactive   WWW Online Services For Information Technologies, Geo Sciences, Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), & Remote Sensing (RS) Industries Tutaj możesz siebie lub swoją firmę zapisać do bazy informacji o GIS. Ponadto zainstalowano specjalizowane przeszukiwarki w ten sposób gromadzonych zasobów. Publikacja artykułów i stron www,

GEOSPATIAL HOME PAGE WELCOME TO THE BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION CENTER The purpose of this page is to consolidate access to information about GIS which may be useful to the GIS community. It is maintained by the Geospatial Support TEAM, Division of Data Management, Office of IRM/Modernization, Denver Washington Office.




Links about MicroStation BENTLEY SYSTEMS, INC.

AXIOMINTERNATIONAL - Taking MicroStation Productivity to theLimit!

BITWYSESOLUTIONS, INC. - Process and Power Utilities forMicroStation

CAD Perfect Development Lab Co. one of Swedens most experienced MicroStation resellers and Independent Software Developers.

DATEC, INC.- Authorized CAD reseller for AutoCAD, MicroStation, Intergraph,Rebis, Compaq, and Cyco.

EAGLE POINT   UWAGA oferują software independent of CAD enige. Dużo produktów na Arc Info, AutoCAD i MicroStation dostępne dema - Bardzo Dobra Strona pod względem ilosci oferowanych produktów - najpoważniejszy partner "Inżynierii cywilnej" POLECAM
ECONOCAPENGINEERING, Finland Oferują mdl-ki dla mechaników oraz managera dostępu do bazy danych.

GRAPHICCOMPUTER SERVICES - 3rd Party MicroStation Applications :PostScript for Mapping,GIS,DTP Fonts Utilities Etc

GEOPAK -Civil Design Software UWAGA!! POLECAM !! - chyba najpoważniejszy partner BENTLEA

HK system offers System and Database design, and provides complete MicroStation, MGE, GIS, and AM/FM development and
data conversion services. Training in MicroStation and related products is available on-site or off-site.
    UWAGA - dostępnych jest kilka aplikacji mdl na zasadach FREWARE and Shareware !!

HLB TECHNOLOGY- supplier of Mechanical and AEC application software to the CADindustry.

IDEAGRAPHIX,INC. IdeaGraphix is your source for high quality MicroStationsolutions for the Architecture, Engineering and Constructioncommunities. Developers of PowerArchitect.


LYNDON KOKMicroStation MDL/BASIC programming

MICRODESIGN CAD  MicroDesign is a Computer Aided Design consultancy in the Southern Ontario area. The goal of this organization is to provide engineering companies with solutions to their CAD production. There are very few companies that actually use CAD properly. Tutaj możesz przeczytać porówanie ACAD do Microstation Ładna i Dobra strona WWW

MODELVISION- A&E Visualization, Computer Animation, Video Services

MRF SYSTEMS -develops leading-edge mapping and GIS software for theMicroStation family of products including MRF Clean.

NEXTLEVEL, INC Quality MDL software. Promoting dbWindow, aninnovative database interface for MicroStation - new dialogitems, automated SQL functionality, SQL statement management,etc.

PANGEA CAD SOLUTIONS Main focus is Windowssoftware for the display, redlining and manipulation of MicroStation CAD files.PRIMOTIV MicroStation VAR and CSP-partner. Ourproduct BouwMenu3 is a workspace for building industry andarchitects based on MicroStation 95

PROROK AB -developers of applications for the mining industry. Głównie dla geologów

SAILENT SOLUTION  One of our more innovative products is MicroNet. MicroNet allows mulitple users to edit the same
design file in real-time!  Mają link free software ale niestety strona jest z napisem "cooming soon" i żadnego sladu po sofcie Dla programistow w MDL-u propozycja ciekawego standardu wymiany funkcji pomiędzy budowanymi aplikacjami.

SPATIAL DATA  GIS Solutions Kilka programów pod Microstation "Adresy" "Parcele" oraz "Elektryczne schematy" ponadto zintegrowane rozwiązanie dla wladz municypialnych (samorządowych)

STUDIO LETI MESSINA Italia full english page, product - DTM & Slope Map generator for Microstation 95 Program dla Microstation, generowanie modelu terenu wraz z obliczeniami spadków terenu.

                             UWAGA - teksty tylko po norwesku

TRANSDATA Buissnes partner Bentley and Intergraph in Romania


VRUtilities- Quick Key, Grid Utility, Element Labeling and other utilitysoftware.

WORKPLACEWISDOM, INC. CAD VAR Supporting the Bentley MicroStationFamily of Products as well as Intergraph related software intoPlant Design, GeoEngineering, Mechanical and other markets

SNUTTAR This page is part of the Swedish TMC group's web site. Here, we primarily list freeware or shareware macros and other useful utilities. Please note that we rely entirely on YOU to support this page. If you know of a good utility that's useful with Microstation, or know where to find one, don't hesitate to send a tip immediately to Thomas Holm!

Education and Government GIS links

Digital Geography Laboratory   at SALEM STATE COLLEGE  under costruction 10.97

Earth Science Journals   Very good start point to find education materials and information from high schools

Ochrona środowiska w systemach GIS

GIS at University of Edinburgh   This WWW server is hosted by the Department of Geography at the University of Edinburgh. It provides information on all aspects of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), as well as providing a number of useful links to other servers worldwide.

Natural Resources Canada Geological Survey of Canada

University of Washington  Department of Geography Undergraduate Program - Option: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Department of Geography on Michigan State University offers good undergrad and advanced programs A broad selection of GIS and GIS-related courses are offered on campus .

The Ohio State University Department of Geography The Department of Geography at The Ohio State University offers nationally and internationally recognized programs of study in the following specialty areas. Urban and Regional Systems.
Spatial Analysis Methods.
Atmospheric and Climatic Studies.

Massachusetts Geographic Information System (MassGIS) THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.  A member of the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science MSU has several Departments investing in infrastructure to support GIS-related research: Agricultural Economics, Anthropology, Botany and Plant Pathology, Center for Remote Sensing and GIS, Computer Science, Crop and Soil Science, Entomology, Epidemiology, Fisheries and Wildlife, Forestry, Geography, Geological Sciences, Institute of Water Research, Kellogg Biological Station, Landscape Architecture, Resource Development, Sociology, and Urban and Regional Planning.

Any students interested in studying GIS in Ireland or the current state of GIS in Ireland should have a look. The link is: Alternatively, the Irish Organisation for Geographical Information (IRLOGI) link may be found at;

METADATA important information about it:
Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
NOAA Coastal Services Center - ArcViewR 3.0 Metadata Collector Extension
Goverment programs:
USGS   U.S. Geological Survey Global Change Research Program, an operational arm of the national U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).
Surficial Materials of Canada   This digital release is a prototype for the planned routine release of digital Geological Survey of Canada maps at various scales. In order to evaluate client needs, please fill out the following brief questionnaire.

GIS querys by Interenet:
On the following Sites you can find products which allow GIS querys through internet:
- Look in the "products" section for "Caris Internet server"
-  instruktaż firmy Intergrapch dotyczący Active CGM
- Arc View Internet MapServer

GIS Software:
GEO CONCEPT Welcome to the GEO CONCEPT environment, the geographical information system
Softree Natural Resource Software

GIS Firms
GISnet We specialize in developing scientific and business mapping applications based on MapInfoR technology.

Photogrametry with GIS:
KIBERSO   -  creation and update of topographic city maps digital ortho-image creation based on space & aerophotography, analysis and decision making for management structures and ground navigation systems, our own digital geoinformation production development
Able Software  develops automated raster to vector conversion software for GIS, mapping and CAD applications. R2V for Windows and NT

Map Projection Texts and Software

MapObjects Repository   This web site is meant specifically as a repository for MapObjects tips, tricks, code fragments, sample forms and projects. Anything that you've done with MO that you think is cool and that would benefit other programmers is worth sending in. I've gotten some of the best parts of my MO applications from suggestions and advice from people at the MO discussion site (where I'm always asking dumb questions), but after a couple of weeks the messages are pretty much gone and you have to sift through a lot of information to find what you're looking for.

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