Tomasz Bartuś


For the purpose of investigation was a statistical and geostatistical modeling of variability a lignite depositional parameters in Bełchatów lignite deposit. Bełchatów mine is the largest brown coal deposit in Poland. It is located in central part of the country, about 100 km south of Łódź. The deposit occupies a part of the Kleszczów Graben. It had been Triatary structure which have filled Triatary and Quaternary sediments. The graben is framed from north and south by large tectonic zones. "Dębina" salt diapir separated the deposit into the two mining fields: eastern Bełchatów and western Szczerców.

The investigation contain global, local and regional modeling of the main qualitative lignite parameters like: ash and sulphur content, moisture and calorific value. These basic parameters control the quality of lignite deposit. Case study was behave in horizontal and vertical plain of the deposit. The subject of the analysis was a main seem of the coal. The basic sources of information was a boreholes. Calculations was made for whole area of the Bełchatów field, inside a regular grid, in a little areas with similar depositional environments (for example: lakes, carbonates, clastics).

In my investigation I used some statistical methods like simple statistics, corelation and regresion analysis, variance analysis and other. I used elements of GIS (Geographics Information Systems) and teledetection methods (for example: airphotos). Seperate part of the study was geaostatistical analysis which contain estimation and prediction of variability main lignite parameters in deposit, in horisontal and vertical plain, and anisotrophy analysis. Geostatistic is a mathematical estimation method which use an semivariograms. Semivariogram is a graph, which join a sample distribution with values of the parameters in the samples. The semivariograms the most offen describe as a graph that the X axis containe distance between samples and Y axis values of the semivariograms. I have made some maps of estimation mean values of parameters in Bełchatów field.

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Geostrada Sudecka. Przewodnik geologiczny. Tom 1Geostrada Sudecka. Przewodnik geologiczny. Tom 2Geostrada Sudecka. Przewodnik geologiczny. Tom 3


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