I was born on the 4th of March in 1980 in Krakowie, Poland. I graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications from AGH University of Science and Technology in my home city. I spent one semester as an exchange student in Tampere University of Technology in Finland. I worked in Cambridge Broadband Ltd which designs modern wireless access systems. I was writing software in Matlab and carrying out simulation on radio propagation in Chinese cities. I received PhD from the University of York for thesis Speech recognition of highly inflective languages. I was supervised by dr Suresh Manandhar and dr Richard Wilson. I am a lecturer at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. I am a member of ISCA. I run an academic blog in Polish about speech recognition. I participated in TOP 500 Innovators programme on Stanford University from 28th of April till end of June 2012.

My research interests are mainly in automatic speech recognition (ASR). I analyse speech signals using discrete wavelet transforms to provide phoneme segmentation. I adapt natural language processing techniques, like POS tagging, latent semantic analysis (LSA), topic signatures and parsers to speech recognition. Additionally I do research on phonology and grammar of Polish collecting phoneme, diphone and triphone statistics, ngrams and topic - sentence matrices. I experiment with using texts from Internet as corpora for language processing and other fast and cheap methods of building speech and text corpora. I am also involved in designing and implementing voice interfaces for Polish.

I am the leader RAYAV project (Audio and video raytracer), Linguistic workshop for speech analysis and recognition NCN, Obtaining patent protection in the country and abroad on how to use speech recognition and dialog systems in advertisements and information points (POIG) and Human-computer dialog system based on telephone connection, NCBR, LIDER.

I participated in following research projects funded by the Polish Ministry of Science 'Compression of transmultiplexed acoustic signals' (AGH, 10.2003-10.2005), 'Compression of transmultiplexed images' (AGH, 05.2004-05.2006), 'Transmultiplexers in fixedpoint technology' (AGH), 'Techonlogies of word information processing and recognition in internal security systems' (UAM, 10.2007 - 12.2008), 'Speech Technologies for Public Security Systems' (AGH, 2009-2011), European FP7 'Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment' INDECT (AGH,2009) in cooperation with Polish Platform of Homeland Security and POIG project INSIGMA.

I am a member of editorial board of Journal of Convergence. I co-orginised 1st York Doctoral Symposium on Computing (YDS). I was a session chair at ICALIP2008 in Shanghai, AIA IASTED 2010 in Innsbruck and 5th Language & Technology Conference in Poznan. I am (or was) a member of technical committee of following conferences: The 15th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS-2012), FEDCSIS, 2010 International Workshop on Multimedia and Semantic Technologies (MUST 2010) held in Busan in Korea, The 4th International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (MUE 2010) in Cebu on Philippines and 2011 International Workshop on Web and Multimedia Services (WMS-11) in Jeju, Korea. My paper (B. Ziółko, D. Skurzok, J Gałka, and M. Ziółko „Speech Modelling Based on Phone Statistics”) received Best Paper Award of 2010 Fifth International Multi-conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, Valencia, Spain, 2010 and another on EST 2011 in Preston, UK. I received an award in a local 2002 e-learning contest.

I love travelling and especially hiking, both in summer and winter. I took photos in most places I have visited. My other hobbies are role-playing games, climbing and skiing. I'm also interested in literature (fantasy, s-f, historical stories, poetry, classics) and I collect books and journals. Sometimes I write short stories and poems.

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