Fall 2017: Design Laboratory

Electronics and Telecommunications, 5th semester of Eng studies

Laboratory Software Defined Networks (D5/017)

In the Software Defined Networks laboratory, we conduct research related to the design, configuration, and development of the concept of SDN. We are focused on security and quality aspects, application-oriented approaches, overall network optimization, network measurements and traffic engineering. We also consider interoperability issues between different vendors, as well as, virtualization and cloud computing aspects.

Equipment of the laboratory: In our lab we have 7 white box switches provided by 2 different vendors supporting ONIE and able to cooperate with numerous network operating systems. Server hosts a network controller and serves as a traffic source. Both copper and fiber interconnections are used. List of the facilities:

  • EdgeCore 5610-52X-O-AC-F
  • 3 x EdgeCore AS4610-30T
  • 3 x QuantaMesh T1048-LB9 F-B

Proposals of projects: The aim of the projects will be to test and assess the functionalities of the equipment, investigate performance capabilities and interoperability issues in three dimensions: (1) cooperation between equipment of different vendors, (2) cooperation of different vendors with different operating systems, and (3) cooperation between operating systems and network controllers. Examples:

  • Assessment of performance parameters of SDN-enabled network devices.
  • Interoperability of open source network operation systems.
  • Multi-vendor SDN network – issues and challenges.
  • Implementation of SDN Northbound-API for the purpose of communication with mobile and cloud operators.
  • Network topology discovery in Software Defined Wide Area Network.
  • Security of SDN networks.
  • Reliability of SDN networks.



  • Piotr Chołda, Dr. habil. (office hours: Thursdays, 2.45-4.15 – before, send an e-mail).
  • Piotr Boryło, PhD. (office hours: Mondays, 9.35-11.05).

Topics of the chosen projects in Fall 2017:

  1. PK, KK: Feasibility of OvS operation on SDN WhiteBox Switch [led by Piotr Boryło].
  2. KB, DM: Feasibility of Open Network Linux operation on SDN WhiteBox Switch [led by Piotr Boryło].
  3. PS, JB: Compatibility of Ryu Controller and SDN WhiteBox Switch [led by Piotr Chołda].
  4. MS, MP: Compatibility of ONOS Controller and SDN WhiteBox Switch [led by Piotr Chołda].
  5. KT, APG: Functional analysis of configuration options for PicaOS [led by Piotr Chołda].

Calendar of the SNDRoute lab: