Fall 2018: Design Laboratory

Electronics and Telecommunications, 5th semester of Eng studies

Laboratory Cybersecurity, Reliability and Risk

Teacher: Piotr Chołda, Dr. habil. (office hours: Fridays, 11.15AM-12.45PM, send an e-mail to appoint a meeting).

In the Cybersecurity, Reliability and Risk laboratory, we conduct research related to the design, configuration, and development of the methods to deal with adversary events in telecommunications.

Equipment: Workstation, servers, network devices

Proposals of projects: The aim of the projects will be to develop and test simple systems/applications implementing security/reliability concepts in the network environment. Examples:

  • Malware discovery with machine learning.
  • Behavioral biometry.
  • Blockchains-based telecommunication systems.
  • Post-quantum cryptography.
  • Improvement of security for web applications.
  • Network watermarking.
  • Network steganography.
  • Security of SDN networks.
  • Reliability of SDN networks.

Project teams will be consisting of up to 3 students.

Deadlines: in order to keep the work’s progress, obligatory deadlines are enforced

  • Until 2018-11-15: formation of a project team, selection of a topic (the teacher will provide necessary information).
  • Until 2018-12-21: presentation of the project concept and the intermediary results to the teacher (in the form of slides).
  • Until 2019-01-04: implementation of a system (it is necessary to show the running system to the teacher).
  • Until 2019-01-25: presentation of a full project report to the teacher (up to 5 pages of text).

Principles related to dealing with projects.


  1. Organization meeting: Thursday, October 25th, 9.30AM, office 113/D-5 (enter via the secretary room)


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