Scientific research at the Department is focused on following issues:

  • geoinformatics, GIS and remote sensing: using GIS emerging technologies, satellite and air remote sensing for environmental monitoring,
  • computer graphics: visualization and three-dimensional modelling of deposits, rock structures, seismic data,
  • numerical modelling of geodynamic phenomena: underground constructions and landslide stability modelling, rock resistance for a given load modelling,
  • distributed computing modelling: using connected computers in a network is a time saving method for long-lasting and complicated numerical computations,
  • processing and analysis of digital images: detection and analysis of chosen objects in minerals and rocks microscope images, air and satellite images,
  • soft computing: using state-of-the-art computer methods (neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic) for decision-making optimization,
  • computer science in environmental protection: modelling, warehousing, data processing of natural and anthropogenic phenomena,
  • statistics methods in geology: using statistic methods for description and prediction of dynamic environmental time series processes,
  • data bases: data warehousing and effective data processing connected with the Earth sciences for different data base systems, data mining,
  • computer networks: creation and administration of computer networks, design and construction of computer measurement systems for environment monitoring.