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 +{{:​pub:​research:​en:​agh-logo.png?​width=60px |AGH logo}}
 +**[[http://​www.agh.edu.pl/​en|AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH UST)]]**
 +in Krakow, Poland, founded in 1919, is ranked as one of top Polish universities involved in research and education in information technologies and computer science. The university consists of 16 Faculties from number of domains, including the Electrical Engineering and Business Management. It employs about 2000 faculty members serving over 30 000 students within undergraduate,​ postgraduate and continuing education programmes.
 +{{:​pub:​home:​geist-simple1b.png?​width=90px |GEIST logo}}
 +**[[http://​geist.agh.edu.pl|Group for Engineering of Intelligent Systems Technologies (GEIST)]]**
 +was created in 2009 by Grzegorz J. Nalepa and Antoni LigÄ™za and a group of dynamic young researches.
 +The research interests of the Group is located in the area of computer science and artificial intelligence.
 +It is focused on the methods, and tools for developing and applying intelligent technologies and systems.
 +GEIST is mainly focused on two broad //areas of application//​ of intelligent technologies and systems:
 +  * Business Intelligence (BSI)
 +  * Ambient Intelligence (AML)
 +In these two areas we use and develop specific //methods and tools// such as:
 +  * knowledge representation and reasoning
 +  * knowledge engineering and management
 +  * rule-based systems
 +  * business processes
 +  * formal verification
 +  * semantic annotations and ontologies
 +  * visual design of knowledge bases
 +  * semantic wikis fork knowledge engineering
 +  * machine learning techniques
 +  * context-aware applications
 +  * software engineering
 +The expertise of the Group includes:
 +  * design and implementation,​ as well as formal verification and analysis of knowledge-based systems, mainly rule-based, see HQEd rule editor and HeaRT rule engine, as well as other results of the HeKatE project
 +  * modelling and evaluation of business rules and processes, see the Bimloq project
 +  * distributed and collaborative knowledge management with semantic wikis, see the Loki semantic wiki system
 +  * Semantic Knowledge Engineering methodology,​ including the eXtended Tabular Trees rule modeling formalism
 +GEIST has practical experience in multiple //​[[pub:​projects:​start|research and development projects]]//:​
 +  * **[[pub:​projects:​Prosecco|]]** which is a 32 months long NCBR PBS project started in 2012-12. The goal of the project is to address the needs and constraints of small and medium enterprises (SME) by designing methods that will significantly improve their Business Process Management systems.
 +  * **[[pub:​projects:​BIMLOQ]]**,​ which was 32 month long NCN project on //business models and processes optimization for quality//.
 +  * **[[pub:​projects:​INDECT]]**,​ which is a large EU collaboration project coordinated by [[http://​www.kt.agh.edu.pl/​|Department of Telecommunications of AGH]]. The aim of the project is the development of an intelligent information system supporting observation,​ searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment.
 +  * **[[pub:​projects:​Parnas:​]]**,​ which was a 18 month long NCN project on //tools for inference control and quality analysis in modularized rulebases//​.
 +  * **[[pub:​projects:​HeKatE]]**,​ which was a 30 month long NCN project on //hybrid knowledge engineering methodology for knowledge-based systems//.
 +Finally the group is active in the area //​international collaboration//​ for both research and teaching:
 +  * scientific collaboration with Universities of [[Wuerzburg]],​ [[Kassel]], and [[Almeria]],​ [[Murcia]]
 +  * teaching collaboration in the scope of the Erasmus LPP with [[Kassel]], and [[Almeria]],​ [[Murcia]]
 +  * participation of group members in the Organizing Committees international conferences and workshops, including [[KESE]], [[RuleApps]],​ and  number of Program Committees see [[http://​home.agh.edu.pl/​~gjn/​wiki/​en:​research#​conference_committees|here for more details]].
 +We are looking for partners, and projects -- contact us!