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 +===== Experience and Skills =====
 +  *  //​artificial intelligence//,​ //knowledge engineering//:​ design, analysis and implementation of intelligent,​ knowledge-based systems, including rule-based expert systems
 +  *  //system administration//:​ GNU/Linux, BSD, Sun Solaris; RDBMS: PostgreSQL, ​ MySQL, Oracle,
 +  *  //computer security//: network design and analysis, auditing, including cryptographic technologies
 +  *  //WWW//: site design using XHTML/​XML/​CSS PHP, JavaScript; Apache server administration ​
 +  *  //software engineering//:​ UML ,project, code, documentation management, design (ERD) and implementation (SQL) of RDBMS, user interface design, embedded systems engineering
 +  *  //​programming//: ​ ANSI C, C++, Prolog, Sh, Ada95, Assembler
 +  *  //​electronic document processing and DTP//: TeX , LaTeX , SGML, XML,