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@ Motto: Minds shape worlds!

GEIST Group for Engineering of Intelligent Systems and Technologies


Selected recent events I've been involved, interested in:

  • August 2019 JCAI-19: 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, August 10-16, 2019, Macao, China



I am an active researcher. See also the separate research page.

For my papers see the AGH UST BPP system and the following systems:

The main recent activity includes the creation and coordination of the AffCAI research group devoted to the topics of affective computing, context-awarness and ambient intelligence.

I am the creator and coordinator of the GEIST research group. Take a look at the GEIST wiki system for other projects.

I am an Elsevier Recognized Reviewer.

I have been elected the President of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Society (polish Polskie Stowarzyszenie Sztucznej Inteligencji (PSSI)) established in 2009 for supporting and promoting AI in Poland.


For my full CV look here. Currently I work in computer science in AGH UST.

Moreover, I am involved in the cognitive science program at the Jagiellonian University.

I received habilitation (DSc) and Doctor of Philosophy Engineering (PhD) degrees in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence from AGH UST in 2012 and 2004 respectively.

I also received Master of Arts (MA) in Philosophy from Jagiellonian University, my thesis concerned the semantic externalism.

I am a member of LinkedIn see my profile.


In 2012 I received a prestigious scholarship and scientific award of POLITYKA weekly for the most promising scientific achievements in technical sciences in Poland. Also covered by the AGH UST.

In 2009 I coorganized at AGH UST The Entrepreneurship Workshop during the Global Entrepreneurship Week (Tygodnia przedsiębiorczości).

I use, support, create, advocate for Free Software as defined by RMS.

Since 1985 the Free Software Foundation has been fighting for these essential freedoms for computer users. The GNU Project has been working on the development of a complete free operating system. The most important parts of this systems have been used for number of years along with the Linux Kernel, resulting in the GNU/Linux systems that millions of us have been using for years (in my case it's been since 1995).

If you are interested: my presentation on free software on the IT Giants 2009 conference organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Krakow and AGH, Jan 14th 2009 (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0) and a lecture I gave at TUO based on the above presentation.

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