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-The main recent activity includes the coordination of the [[http://prosecco.agh.edu.pl|Prosecco project]]+The main recent activity includes the creation and coordination of the [[https://affcai.eu|AffCAI research group]] devoted to the topics of affective computing, context-awarness and ambient intelligence.
-Take a look at our [[http://​geist.agh.edu.pl/​pub:​projects:​start|wiki system]] for other projects.+
 I am the creator and coordinator of the  I am the creator and coordinator of the 
 [[http://​geist.re|GEIST research group]]. [[http://​geist.re|GEIST research group]].
 +Take a look at the [[http://​geist.agh.edu.pl/​pub:​projects:​start|GEIST wiki system]] for other projects.
 I am an [[http://​www.reviewerpage.com/​Grzegorz-J-Nalepa|Elsevier Recognized Reviewer]]. I am an [[http://​www.reviewerpage.com/​Grzegorz-J-Nalepa|Elsevier Recognized Reviewer]].