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My research activity is now focused on magnetism of solids and phase transitions in solids. Currently I am working on the lattice dynamics of titanomagnetites and zinc ferrites in the vicinity of the Verwey Transition. I am an author of over 80 publications. Below you can find some of my recent publications.

- T. Kołodziej, A. Kozłowski, P. Piekarz, W. Tabiś, Z. Kąkol, M. Zając, Z. Tarnawski, J. M. Honig, A. M. Oleś, and K. Parlinski, "Nuclear inelastic scattering studies of lattice dynamics in magnetite with a first- and second-order Verwey transition", Phys. Rev. B 85, (2012) 104301.

- Z. Kąkol, D. Owoc, J. Przewoźnik, M. Sikora, C. Kapusta, D. Zając, A. Kozłowski, J. Sabol and J. M. Honig, "The effect of doping on global lattice properties of magnetite Fe3-xMexO4 (Me=Zn, Ti and Al)", J. Solid State Chem. (2012) 120.

- A. Britwum, T. Kolodziej, W. Tokarz, J. Przewoznik, C. Kapusta, Z. Kąkol, A. Kozlowski, Z. Tarnawski, J. M. Honig „Magnetostriction of first and second order magnetite samples and its relation to the magnetic easy axis switching” Solid Compounds of Transition Elements II Book Series: Solid State Phenomena 194 (2013) 120.

- W. Tabis, J. E. Lorenzo, A. Kozlowski, T. Kolodziej, Z. Tarnawski, Z. Kąkol, C. Mazzoli, H. C. Walker, N. Jaouen, D. Mannix, C. Marin and J. M. Honig “Effect of surface polishing and oxidization induced strain on electronic order at the Verwey transition in Fe3O4“, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 25 055603 (2013).

- Z. Kąkol, A. Kozłowski,T. Kołodziej, J. Przewoźnik; Charge rearrangement in magnetite: from magnetic field induced easy axis switching to femtoseconds electronic processes; Philosophical Magazine 95 (2015) 633.

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