Andrij Milenin

Prof. Dr hab. inż.


B5, room 710

AGH University of Science and Technology,

Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków

tel: +4812-6173866                

fax: +4812-6172921               

e-mail: milenin@agh.edu.pl



Research Interests:

Computational mechanics procedures for solids, structures, damage, metal working processes (rolling, drawing, extrusion).

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Laboratory of Computational Mechanics

FEM programs



Academic Degrees:

M.Sc. 1988, Ph.D. 1991, D.Sc. 2001, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Professor nomination in Ukraine (Kiev) 2002;

Professor nomination in Poland (Warszawa) 2003-06-23;



Researcher in National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (1988-2001);

Researcher in Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy Ukrainian Academy of Science (1992-1996);

Scientific consultant of QuantorSoft Ltd. (1995-2002);

Professor, Czestochowa Technical University, Poland, 2002-2006;

Professor, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland, 2006 – present;

Head of Laboratory of Computational Mechanics in Department of Applied Computer Science and Modelling – present.


Teaching interests:

- FEM (In Polish); 

- Numerical Simulations and FEM (in English);

- Nonlinear mechanic (in Polish); 

- SYSTEMS CAD/CAM (in Polish);

- Modeling in Material Processing  (in Polish);  

- Projektowanie procesów technologicznych (in Polish);


- Mechanics of Materials (in Polish); 

- Solid mechanics (in Polish);

- Lecture Reological models of nanomaterials for applications in artificial heart chamber” (in Polish);

- Summer School “The computer simulation of the hot metal forming processes” (in English);

- Summer school "Computer simulation and rapid prototyping in metallurgy and blank production“ (in English);

- FEM for computer science students.


Book used in Classes: 

Milenin A. Podstawy MES. Zagadnienia termomechaniczne // AGH, 2010.



1. S.Lapenko, Ukraine, 2007, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (reviewers: Prof. V.Tilik, Prof. E.Smirnov);

2. A.Michalik, Poland, 2007, Czestochowa Technical University (reviewers: Prof. R.Kuziak, Prof. J.Jowsa);

3. K.Laber, Poland, 2008, Czestochowa Technical University (reviewers: Prof. A.Nowakowski, Prof. H.Dyja);

4. T.Rec, Poland, 2011, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow (reviewers: Prof. Z.Malinowski, Prof. R.Kuziak);

5. P.Kustra, Poland, 2011, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow (reviewers: Prof. J.Majta, Prof. J.Rojek);

6. D.Byrska, Poland, 2014, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow (reviewers: Prof. R.Kuziak, dr. hab. inz. L.Madej).

7. S.Witek, Poland, 2019, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow (reviewers: Prof. J.Rojek, dr. hab. inz. B.Koczurkiewicz).


PhD students:

1. Pawel Kokoszka;

2. Przemyslaw Wedrychow;

3. Wojciech Baran.


Honors & Awards:

- Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Education, award for the book “Producing of profiles from aluminum alloys” (in Russian)

- Award of Minister of Education and Science, Poland, 2003 (award for the book “Technology and modeling of shape rolling”, in Polish).

- Medal “Yaroslav Mudry” Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Education (award for the book “Computer modeling of metal forming processes”, in Russian), Ukraine, 2007

- Silver Certificate Award in Non-Ferrous Division of Wire Association Int., USA, 2010

- Wire Association International, Marshall V. Yokelson Memorial Medal Award in the Nonferrous Division
for 2015 for paper, “Multi-pass wiredrawing of Mg alloys in a heated die with controlled recrystallization.”

- Professor A. Rodziewicz-Bielewicz Memorial Award in 2016 for the New technology of production of ultra-thin wire from hard deformable Mg alloys. 


Hobby: Mountain tourism, Hapkido.  

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