AGH University of Science and Technology

Cryptography and Cognitive Informatics Research Group

Prof. Dr. Marek R. Ogiela

Lifetime Fellow SPIE

Fellow IET

Professor of Computer Science, cognitive scientist and cryptographer

Founder of Cryptography and Cognitive Informatics Laboratory

He has technical accomplishments, and contribution in the fields of pattern classification, cognitive systems, and cryptographic secret sharing protocols.

He is a Lifetime Fellow of SPIE, Fellow of IET, Senior Member of IEEE, and member of OSA

Research achievements

Introduction of novel approach to semantic analysis of medical diagnistic visualizations

Author of the new paradigm of visual pattern semantic understanding based on cognitive resonance approach

Definition of new classes of intelligent information systems

Development of new classes of linguistic and biometric cryptographic threshold schemes

Research areas

Computer science (cognitive informatics, pattern classification)

Biomedical engineering (medical image understanding and semantic analysis)

Cryptography (secret splitting and sharing, secure information management)


AGH University of Science and Technology

30 Mickiewicza Ave

30-059 Krakow, Poland

Building: C-3

Room: 105

Phone: +48 12 617 38 54

E-mail: mogiela (at)