Dr Krzysztof Muszka
MEng, PhD


Dr Krzysztof MuszkaMy adventure with research started in 1998 – initially as a student in then the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science. I was awarded MEng and PhD degrees in the field of Metallurgy and the specialization of Metal Forming. I have been professionally associated with AGH University of Science and Technology ever since.

My research collaboration with other universities started already during my PhD studies. Through 2005-2006, I spent about eight months in then the Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation at Deakin University (Geelong, Australia) working as a Visiting Academic with Professor Peter Hodgson’s research group. I took part in different projects on ultrafine-grained steels.

Since 2008 I have been proud to be closely collaborating - in the field of thermomechanical processing of metals and alloys - with IMMPETUS (Institute for Microstructural and Mechanical Process Engineering: The University of Sheffield), UK – initially as a Research Associate for three years and currently continuing as a Visiting Researcher.

My main professional activities include teaching of both under- and postgraduate students (modules on: thermomechanical processing of metals, microstructure and properties control in advanced engineering materials as well as CAD/CAM/CAE systems). My research interests mostly include studies of interrelationships between processing parameters and microstructure evolution of metals subjected to plastic deformation at both room and high deformation temperatures, as well as computer modelling (mostly with finite element method) of mechanical response of such materials with the aim of optimization of their microstructure and final properties. 

On my website, you will find information regarding my educational, professional career path, research and teaching experience, publication track record, and information about my former and current affiliations.

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