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Archimate to OWL

Archimate to OWL is a plugin to popular Archi editor.

General description

The software explorates the model and based on element type generates on fly:

  • classes, if referenced
  • object properties (equivalent to Relationship)
  • individuals corresponding to diagram elements
  • relations between individuals


It is a prototype version with several limitations.

  • Only partial ontology of ArchiMate language is generated, comprising only those elements, which were referenced in the model
  • In Archi relationships are reified and can be attributed with names and properties. This information is supressed, as realtionships are transformed into object properties.
  • At present properties are ignored


Following the instructions in:

  1. Download the compiled plugin (JAR)
  2. Copy it to the plugins directory of Archi installation
  3. Restart Archi
  4. A new menu item FileExportModel to OWL should appear.

Sample results

Generated ontology for the Archisurance example distributed with Archi:

Archisurance ontology in Protege

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