The Nanomol Group stands at the interface of applied and theoretical sciences, working to discover novel phenomena that genuinely impact humanity as a whole. We aim to blur the artificial boundaries separating academic disciplines, fostering instead a collaborative and cross-disciplinary environment that encourages the creation of new approaches to old problems.

- Konrad Szaciłowski



The fruit of our labor, these publications and books are our conduit to the rest of the global scientific community. Our highly regarded and frequently cited publications feature high-quality original research articles and reports, narrative and systematic reviews. We do our best to achieve maximized readership in most prestigious journals.



Ranging from single atom engineering to integrated circuit design, the Nanomol Group approaches modern problems from a variety of angles. The ultimate test for nanoscience technology will be to deliver practically useful materials and devices. Recognizing this challenge, our group synthesize new nanostructured materials with real-world applications.



Our group is as diverse as our work, and we make a point to employ bright researchers from all over the world. We transform laboratory science into today’s technology. We believe in good design. We also believe in ease of use. Without teamwork progress would be much slower and sometimes at a standstill. That’s why we are always happy to see new member of the group.