About us


Konrad Szaciłowski

Head of the group

I was born in Kraków, Poland in 1971. I graduated from Jagiellonian University in 1995 and got my PhD degree in 2000 under supervision of professor Zofia Stasicka. I spent one year as a postdoc fellow with Professor John F. Endicott working on spectroscopy and magnetism of binuclear nickel compounds. After habilitation in 2008 I was appointed as associate professor of chemistry at Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals, AGH University of Science and Technology. I’m also a member of Photochemistry of Coordination Compounds and Bioinorganic Chemistry Group at Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University and NanoMol Research Network.
(+48) 12 617 2931


Agnieszka Podborska

Area 51 engineer

I was born in Nowy Sącz, Poland in 1983. I studied chemistry at Jagiellonian University and received me MSc degree in 2007. I got my PhD degree in 2012 under supervision of professor Konrad Szaciłowski. Now I’m working in Nanoscale and molecular electronics group at the Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals at AGH University. My research interests are mainly focused on spectroscopy and photoelectrochemistry of semiconductor materials. Constantly looking for new materials that will show the PEPS effect and I try to use it to construction of molecular logic gates. I also research semiconductors materials like a synapse and thin layer organic devices.
(+48) 12 617 2642


Kornelia Lewandowska

Gene Splicer

I was born in Poznań in 1981. I graduated in Experimental Physics (subject: Physics of materials and Nanotechnology) in 2005 in the Faculty of Technical Physics of the Technical University of Poznań. My diploma entitled “Infrared spectra of Langmuir-Blodgett film of selected phthalocyanines and porphyrin” was awarded by the Polish Physical Society in 2005 as a distinguished diploma work. I received my PhD degree in December 2009 at the Faculty of Technical Physics of the Poznan University of Technology. Since March 2010 I have permanent position at the Polish Academy of Sciences in the Institute of Molecular Physics in Poznań. In 2011 I graduated Manager of Sciences Project at the Adam Mickiewicz University.
(+48) 12 617 2642


Justyna Mech

Dinosaur Breeder

I graduated my M.Sc. Eng. in 2008 from Jagiellonian University. Currently I am studying for my Ph.D. supervised by Dr. Konrad Szaciłowski at AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals. My recent work is focused on development of new semiconductor materials for novel chemosensing and information processing devices. My interests concern general light-matter interaction with special focus on semiconductor photoelectrochemistry, photocurrent switching effects, and spectroscopy of inorganic nanostructures. Besides working I love traveling. I have visited several European countries trying to get to know its inhabitants, culture and cuisine of course.
(+48) 12 617 3611


Przemysław Kwolek

Robot Herder

I was born in Rzeszów, Poland, in 1985. By training, I am the metallurgist specialized in the protection of metals against corrosion and received my M.Sc. Eng. degree from AGH – University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals in 2010. Thereafter I started Ph.D. studies at the same faculty under the supervision of Professor Konrad Szaciłowski. I am focused on the synthesis of wide band gap semiconductors (mostly vanadates, molybdates and tungstates) and their application in information processing in simple logic devices based on the Photoelectrochemical Photocurrent Switching Effect.
(+48) 12 617 4126


Tomasz Łokcik

Hobby Entomologist

2012 – graduated as bechelor of science from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Occupation: Doctoral Candidate at University of Science and Technology in Krakow. About me: I couldn’t live without music and literature, irony, and satire. I enjoy lerning history, probably because literary fiction is not fully capable of reproducing unthinkable aspects of reality we live in. Considering good ways to start a day – watching night sky before dawn beats everything else. Other than that sometimes I find myself contemplating misfortunes of other people, it doesn’t always work, but it never completely fails.


Kacper Pilarczyk

Ant Farmer

In a brief – I am a 24 years old first-year PhD student at the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. I am also involved in the research project on the activation of small molecules in photocatalytic systems conducted in the cooperation with the Coordination and Bioinorganic Physicochemistry Group at the Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University. As for my scientific interest – I enjoy working on the borders of various disciplines, particularly physics and chemistry, trying to combine different ways of perceiving scientific problems.