FP7 Projects

  • RESCUE (Links-on-the-fly Technology for Robust, Efficient and Smart Communication in Unpredictable Environments), STREP project, 2013-2016
  • PROACTIVE (PRedictive reasOning and multi-source fusion empowering AntiCipation of attacks and Terrorist actions In Urban EnVironmEnts), STREP project, 2012-2014
  • FLAVIA (FLexible Architecture for Virtualizable future wireless Internet Access) – STREP project, 2011-2013
  • CARMEN (CARrier Grade MEsh Networks) – STREP project, 2008-2010

FP6 Projects

  • CONTENT, Network of Excellence, 2006-2009
  • DAIDALOS II (Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services) – IP project, 2006-2008

European Defense Agency Projects

  • MEDUSA (Multi Sensor Data Fusion Grid for Urban Situational Awareness) – JIF-FP project, 2009–2011

National Science Centre Projects (in Polish)

  • Analiza możliwości użycia lokalnych sieci bezprzewodowych standardu IEEE 802.11 w Internecie Przyszłości – PhD holders grant 2011–2016

Ministry of Science and Higher Education Projects (in Polish)

  • Zapewnienie odpowiedniej jakości usług w sieciach ad-hoc typu multi-hop standardu IEEE 802.11 dla funkcji EDCA w przypadku występowania węzłów samolubnych – grant promotorski 2009–2011