Tadeusz (Tad) SZUBA

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About me:
born 11th April 1951 in Cracow
widowed, only child; son (architect)


Present affiliation:

Department of Applied Computer Science  http://www.kis.agh.edu.pl/en/start

position: assoc. prof.

e-mail: szuba@agh.edu.pl; geszuba@cyf-kr.edu.pl

AGH University    http://www.agh.edu.pl/en/


Poland, Europe



Also mentioned by Wikipedia:: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collective_intelligence#Mathematical_techniques



University career

University positions:

Position                                        University                                                                               Period:

Assistant Lecturer                        AGH University -                          1979 - 1979            

                                                     Department of Control (Automatization)

                                                     and Computer Science.

Assistant Professor                      AGH University -                         1979 - 1991               

                                                     Department of Computer Science

Visiting Associate Professor Kuwait University;                          1991 - 1992

                                                     College of Science;

                                                     Department of Mathematics.

Associate Professor                    Kuwait University;                      1992 - 2001

                                                     College of Science;

                                                     Department of Mathematics &

                                                     Computer Science.

Assistant Professor                      AGH University -                         2001 - 2002                                                                                  

                                                     Department of Control (Automatization)

Visiting Associate Professor University of Missouri,                    2002 - 2003

                                                     St. Louis, MO, USA;                             

                                                     Department of Mathematics &

                                                     Computer Science.

Tenured (habilitation)               AGH University -                          2003

                                                     Department of Control (Automatization),                       

                                                     Applied Computer Science

Associate Professor                                  - -                                    2010 – 2012

Associate Professor                     Department Applied Computer Science

                                                                                                           2012 – now


Also from 2003 r. assoc. prof. at  WSTiE Sucha Beskidzka (part-time).


              Areas of research activity

Area:                                                                                                 Period:

·     Artificial Intelligence methods;                                                  1977 - 1979

·     Applied Artificial Intelligence:                                                   1979 - 1995

Intelligent CNC milling machines;                                           1977 – 1985

       Intelligent and autonomous systems;                                        1986 – 1995

·     Computer Graphics;                                                                     1986 - now

·     Interaction between human-operator and intelligent-autonomous machine/robot.          1986 - 1995

·     PROLOG processor                                                                     1986 -

     Random PROLOG Processor.                                                      1993 -

·       Collective Intelligence and its measure IQS                               1997 – now

·       Formal model of A. Smith Invisible Hand of Market                 now

·       Mental model od Antonio Gaudi artistic psyche.                        now


              Present research Projects

·      To build a Theory,  Formalization and Simulation model (for selected cases) of A. Smith's Invisible Hand paradigm.

(to create new tools for market analysis and prediction).

·      Theory of Invisible Hand can be used to shape Collective Intelligence of autonomous quasi-intelligent, mobile robots, e.g. to:

·       define social structures of robots able to self-assembly and later on disassembly emergency bridges, or even to

·      define social structures of rescue robots to be used after earthquake. I am engaged recently in two such large scale projetcs.

·      Virtual Antonio Gaudi – to build mental model of A. Gaudi artistic psyche using shape grammars and artificial neural network concept.

(to finish Sagrada Familia cathedral).



-      Papers published in refereed journals (24)

-      Conference talks and papers published in conference proceedings  (35)

-      Papers published in w  Lecture Notes (4)

-      Books (4)

            my top publication: Szuba T.: Computational Collective Intelligence. Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing. (410 pages). February, 2001

            This book presents a formal and computational theory of Collective Intelligence (see cover pages and contents).

-      Research reports (8)



                Teaching activity

I teach only computer graphics courses … I like art …

Take a look at our Computer Graphics Laboratory, which I have built from scratch



I have also created (and I am a head of) an M. Sc. program in Computer Graphics.

We graduate approx. 15-20 M. Sc. students every year, with a specialization diploma in “Modern Computer Graphics”.


We are a technical university, thus Leonardo Da Vinci is the patron of our laboratory, as he was an artist and an engineer at the same time.

A polished, perfect machine is always perceived as a beautiful one …


A comprehensive and multi-dimensional analysis of an object

(that we want to “paint” with animated 3D computer graphics tools)

leads directly to technical discoveries (as it had Leonardo da Vinci)



·       Sailing (summer)

·       Tennis (once a week with an instructor)

·       swimming (once a week)

·       horseriding (summer)

·       Skiing (assistant instructor 1979) approx. 15 days per winter season.


For my Students  (in Polish language):

Podręcznik 1 -
obiekty statyczne
Podręcznik 2 -
obiekty dynamiczne

Moje letadlo


Making Face


head.emdl  (model of human head)

skaczaca pilka.vbs


Ptica with skeleton


Praca korekta