Sightseeing and interesting for culture and people mostly from latine America region. Dancing Argentine tango, Cuban salsa and bachata.

I was inspired in Brazil when one evening I saw that almost all people of a small town near Fortaleza were dancing. Besides, according to Richard Powers, dancing makes you smarter and brings health benefits as it reduces stress and increases serotonin level.

Tango has three faces: classic Tango, Milonga – a quicker and more rhythmic variety, and Vals – tango in three time. Some of my amateur performances include tango on high school (LO Brzesko) reunion, “La Cumparsita” danced in a milonga circle, and “Milonga Vieja”.

I have a strong interest to combine different dance styles to develop new ideas. I have named the art of integrating different styles in a smooth way as the Cracovia style combination (proposed together by the TangoVirri and B&W Salsa dance schools). The other proposals are based rather on stylizing the movements. An amateur performance of bachatango Perfidia shows how to smoothly switch between tango and bachata.

It is interesting to attend to different latin dance fests. There is nothing like La Vega Carnival in Dominica (Diablo Cojuelo, dancing group).