A short description of the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science

    Professor Antoni Rodziewicz-Bielewicz was appointed the organiser and first Dean of the Faculty of Metallurgical Engineering on September the 1st, 1921. When the Senate of the University of Mining appointed the first Council of the Faculty of Metallurgical Engineering on May the 1st 1922, metallurgy became a new course. In 1951 it was renamed the Faculty of Metallurgy. It comprised the departments and divisions that during the changes in the research trends became foundations of new organisational units of our Almae Matris and other universities. The Faculty of Metallurgy has contributed considerably to the establishment of schools like the Silesian Technical University, Częstochowa Technical University and Œwiętokrzyska Technical University. Professors Edmund Chromiński, Henryk Korwin-Krukowski, Kiejstut Żemajtis, Jan Janowski held the Rector's post whereas the posts of Deputy Rector were held by 11 professors of this Faculty. Professor Wacław Różański held the post of Chairman of the University Senior Professors' Union. Based upon the extended teaching and research syllabus (resulting from a new course - Materials Science - which was introduced in 1986/87) on May 26th 1993 the Senate decided to change the existing name into the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. On November 2005 into the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science.
    At present the structure of the Faculty is based on six departments conducting research and teaching in metallurgy, materials science and applied computer science. The Faculty Council is entitled to confer the degree of PhD in engineering and the degree of 'Doctor Habilitatus' (Associate Professor) in the following disciplines: materials science and metallurgy. The Faculty Council is also entitled to apply for the conferring of the title of Professor.