The Faculty is amongst the largest Metallurgical and Materials Engineering faculties in the country and is housed in 4 buildings with a modern laboratory and computing facilities. The Faculty educates full-time students in a three-level system: BSc (7 semesters), MSc Eng. (3 semesters) and PhD engineering (8 semesters) in the following disciplines: Metallurgy, Materials Science, Applied Computer Science, and Technical and Computer Science Education. There are also extramural studies conducted in two level systems BEng (8 semesters) and MSc Eng. (4 semesters) in Metallurgy and Material Science. The faculty offers a range of postgraduate case studies for applicants having Chartered Engineer, BSc or MSc degree - a detailed account of the development of a particular group that has been studied over a period of time. In October 2007, the student population was over 16,646 of which 7009 are postgraduates. 20% of the student body comes from overseas and over 125 countries are represented on the campus. The University has 29 academic departments.

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