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  • I do research in AI / KR&R, logic programming, stream reasoning and semantic technologies. My PhD thesis was about Semantic Information Extraction from complex documents.

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Recent activitites


  • Feel welcomed on my new website here


  • Website update coming soon… ;)


  • I defended my PhD thesis titled: “Ontology-driven Information Extraction”
  • I started a post-doc at University of Calabria, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science




  • 20-24.10.2014: Design Thinking Week is coming to Krakow! :-D With lots of amazing DT professionals and enthusiasts, we invite you to spend the week with Design Thinking attending the conference, workshops or Krakow Thinking - a Design Thinking project for Krakow! 8-). More information here and here.
  • 29th May 2014: I was a speaker at TEDxWarsawPresidentialPalace where together with Miroslawa M. Dlugosz I talked about motivation, creativity and prototyping in defining you place :-)

    You can read a relation here.


  • October 2013:
    • Feel invited to PAMI (Polish-American Innovation Bridge), 28-29.10.2013:
    • I took part in Kongres Obywatelski in Warsaw, discussing challenges and ways of modernization in Poland. See pre-congress debate here... and a nice report here
    • Welcome to AGH dear students LOL My courses in Autumn 2013 are here.
  • September 2013:
    • Prosecco project meeting in Poznań
  • July/August 2013:
    • RR2013 conference and RW2013 summer school → lots of logic, inspiring research and wonderful people :-)
    • 1st Meeting of Top 500 Innovators Alumni in Warsaw (read more...)
  • June 2013:
    • Welcome to AGH UST! :-) Wirtualny Dzień Otwarty AGH
    • MIDI conference: paper on Prototyping together with Joanna Pniewska (Gdańsk University of Technology) and Anna Czerwoniec (Adam Mickiewicz University)
    • Startup seminar on EIS: inspiring speakers, wonderful stories and examples - thank you! :-)
    • MCSS conference: paper on Mobile context-based framework for monitoring threats in urban environment with Szymon Bobek and Grzegorz J. Nalepa
  • May 2013:
  • April 2013:
  • March 14 2013:
    • Sukces na wysokim obcasie conference organized by CTT PK. Me and my friend Mirka M. Długosz gave a talk about Sillicon Valley perspectives on success, and what we learned and experienced at Stanford University thanks to the Top 500 Innovators programme. See the presentation here.
  • February 2013:
    • EIS has officially started! Applied CS will never be the same again… ;-)
    • Forum Akademickie has published my article about the CreativeCracow project. Read more... (in polish)


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