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-**Weronika T. Adrian, PhD** (<​wta@agh.edu.pl>,​ [[http://​home.agh.edu.pl/​wta|www]]) is a postdoctoral researcher ​at [[https://​www.mat.unical.it/​demacs|Department of Mathematics and Computer Science]]University ​of Calabria ​and a research/​teaching assistant at AGH University of Science and Technology ​(currently on a leave). She is a founder member of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Society ​and a former member of IEEE+**Weronika T. Adrian, PhD** (<​wta@agh.edu.pl>,​ [[http://​home.agh.edu.pl/​wta|www]]) is an assistant professor ​at the Department of Applied ​Computer Science, ​Faculty ​of Electrical Engineering,​ Automatics, Computer Science ​and Biomedical Engineering, ​AGH University of Science and Technology ​in Kraków, Poland 
 +Her research interests cover theory and practice of semantic technologies,​ knowledge graphs, logic programming and stream reasoning.  
 +She (co-)authored over 50 publications about KRR methods and Knowledge Engineering (the complete list is available in the [[http://​www.bpp.agh.edu.pl/​autor/​adrian-weronika-teresa-06329|AGH bibliographic system]]). Selected publications can be browsed in the [[http://​www.researcherid.com/​rid/​A-5613-2013|Researcher ID]] and [[http://​www.informatik.uni-trier.de/​~ley/​db/​indices/​a-tree/​f/​Furmanska:​Weronika_T=.html|DBLP]] systems.
-Her main research interests cover semantic technologies and logic programming. ​She is an author ​and co-author ​of over 40 publications ​(the complete list is available ​in the [[http://www.bpp.agh.edu.pl/​autor/​adrian-weronika-teresa-06329|AGH bibliographic system]]). Selected publications can be browsed in the [[http://www.researcherid.com/rid/A-5613-2013|Researcher ID]] and [[http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/​~ley/​db/​indices/​a-tree/​f/​Furmanska:​Weronika_T=.html|DBLP]] systems.+She obtained her PhD in Mathematics ​and Computer Science from the University ​of Calabria ​(Italy), followed by a 2-year postdoctoral contract in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, ​in the group of Prof. Nicola Leone.  
 +Dr Adrian has been involved in several national and international R&D projects: HeKatE, BIMLOQ, INDECT, Prosecco, Knowrex, S2BDW; and EU programs: Knowledge and Practice, it2edu, SPiN. She is a laureate of the first edition of “Top 500 Innovators” within which she completed a program in //​Science-Management-Commercialization//​ at [[http://stanford.edu|Stanford University]] (for more information please see a [[http://scpd.stanford.edu/admissions/student-spotlights/​weronika-t-adrian|testimonial]] at SCPD Website or read the [[http://zaghnastanford.blogspot.com|blog]]).
-She has been involved ​in several national ​and international research projects: HeKatE, BIMLOQ, INDECT, Prosecco, Knowrex, S2BDW; ​and EU programs: Knowledge and Practice, it2edu, SPiN. She is a laureate of the first edition of Top 500 Innovators project sponsored by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education within which she completed a program on //​Science-Management-Commercialization//​ at [[http://​stanford.edu|Stanford University]] (for more information please see a [[http://​scpd.stanford.edu/​admissions/​student-spotlights/​weronika-t-adrian|testimonial]] at SCPD Website or read the [[http://​zaghnastanford.blogspot.com|blog]])+Adrian ​has been active ​in the startup community ​and promotes cooperation between business ​and academia.  
- +She co-founded ​[[http://​flik.org.pl|The Creativity and Innovation Lab Foundation]] that develops and teaches methods of creativity and entrepreneurship ​within which she was a leadermentororganizer ​and trainer. 
-After hours: ​She is involved in startup community. She is a co-founder of [[http://​flik.org.pl|Creativity and Innovation Lab Foundation]] that promotes ​creativity and entrepreneurship, ​and cooperates with creativity/​maker/​startup-oriented initiatives in Cracow. The group  works on own methodology for creative problem solvingbased on best Stanford methods, organize workshops ​and open meetings (see [[http://​creativecracow.blogspot.com|archive blog]] ​and [[http://​facebook.com/​CreativeCracow|FB page]]).+She is a founder member of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Society ​and a former member of IEEE.
 Further links: [[http://​www.linkedin.com/​in/​wtadrian|WTA @ Linkedin]] Further links: [[http://​www.linkedin.com/​in/​wtadrian|WTA @ Linkedin]]