Fall 2009

Optical IP Networks

Please consult the slides presented during the first lecture and the list of the topics below.

During the presentations please use the official AGH-UST PowerPoint template or its implementation in Beamer.

Maciej Trzmiel

  • Plastic optical fiber (POF)
  • FTTH – most recent directions in research, international projects and organizations
  • Fibers in medicine
  • Fibers in advanced mobile networks architecture (WiMAX, LTE)
  • Carrier class ethernet
  • OTN – recent technologies
  • ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers) – most advanced devices and their usage

Paweł Niemiec

  • Optical Metropolitan Area Network – Ringostar
  • Evolution of Pasive Optical Network
  • Different type of switching in optical networks
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem
  • Comparison of signaling protocols used in MPLS – RSVP-TE vs. CR-LPD
  • Traffic protection in MPLS
  • Point-to-multipoint MPLS

Piotr Wydrych

  • Towards Optical GMPLS — a Survey of the Current Research State
  • Resource Reservation in Optical Burst Switching
  • Common Pool Survivability
  • Dynamic Multilayer Recovery
  • IP/…/WDM – Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Multilayer Architectures
  • Congestion Avoidance in IP/MPLS Networks

Sieci komputerowe II & Next Generation IP Networks

I give laboratory sessions on BGP multihomed stub and BGP multihoming. Documents are published by Dr. P. Pacyna on his site.