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Maciej Chojowski


Maciej Chojowski, M.Sc.
AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Engineering in Biomedicine
Department of Power Electronics and Control Systems Energy Processing

"The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday…"

For students

I invite you to the subjects section, where you will find information and materials about my classes. I encourage you to use e-mail (down below or via SKOS) as a way to ask questions as well. Of course, if you prefer to see me in person, you should not hesitate. However, I find that in practice I can easily respond quite quickly to e-mail, and it is a very convenient method of communication.

My statement:

The objectives of my professional life have been the inquiry and advancement of knowledge. I always wanted to be a patient educator and tenacious researcher.

Research interests:

  • Power ectronics
  • DC/AC inverters and DC/DC converter
  • Modeling and Controls of Power Converters
  • Electric drive control
  • Modeling of drive systems
  • Teaching methods and engineering education


    I expect laboratory lab reports. Additionally, I check knowledge through a written test.

    Academic Honesty

    You can collaborate with others students in the class on homework/project, but only to the extent needed to understand the problem statement, and to decide on a solution. However, the work that you turn in must be your own.

    "Born in labour, I serve the labour and science"


    Subjects materials will be available only after initial information in class. All materials (PL/EN) will be available down below:

    Power electronics - basics

    - DC-DC coverters (.rar)

    - GaN and SiC (.rar)

    - Introduction to inverters

    Power electronics - modeling, analysis and PCB design

    - LTspice - tutorial (.rar)

    - Altium designer

    - How to design good converter?

    Electric drive

    - BLDC control - unipolar and bipolar modulation

    - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) for PMSM

    C & C++ programming

    - Basics; (.rar)

    - if(Conditionals!=0) (.rar)

    - Loops∞ (.rar)

    - int Functions(void) (.rar)

    - Arrays[] (.rar)

    - *Pointers (.rar)

    - Strings/char[] (.rar)

    - Structure & Union{} (.rar)

    - Classes and myOb.Objects (.rar)

    - ZAD (.rar)


    - Intel FPGA - Quartus II tutorial (.rar)

    - Intel FPGA - DE10 (.rar)

    - Zadania - DE10 (.pdf)

    - offset_block

    - Intel CPLD & FPGA (.rar)

    - FPAA (.rar)

    Readings (PL)

    Available on reserve in the library:
    - Kazimierczuk M. K., Czarkowski D.: Resonant Power Converters. Wiley; 2 edition,April 19, 2011. (ISBN-13: 978-0470905388 and ISBN-10: 0470905387)
    - Piróg S.: Energoelektronika. Układy o komutacji sieciowej i komutacji twardej. WND AGH - Kraków, Polska 2006 (ISBN 83-7464-034-0).
    - Orłowska-Kowalska T.: Bezczujnikowe układy napędowe z silnikami indukcyjnymi. PWr - Wrocław, Polska 2003
    - Barlik R., Nowak M.: Energoelektronika: Elementy Podzespoły układy. PW - Warszawa , Polska 2013 (ISBN 9788378140627).
    - Vas P.: Electrical Machines and Drives: A Space-vector Theory Approach. 1992
    - Vas P.: Sensorless vector and direct torque control: A Space-vector Theory Approach. 1998
    - Plamitzer A.: Maszyny elektryczne. WNT - Warszawa, Polska 1982
    - Simon D.: Optimal State Estimation: Kalman, H Infinity, and Nonlinear Approaches, Wiley 2006 (ISBN: 978-0-471-70858-2)
    - Horwitz P., Hill W.: The Art of Electronics, Cambridge University Press 2015


    Office Hours
    Information about the consultation is available on the door to H03 in B1.