My recent paper about stabilization of the advection-diffusion-reaction simulations (with possible applications to the simulations of the pathogen spread in the air) has been recognized by the Springer Nature

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Temat: Your chapter is included in a global program to ensure important research is accessible
Data: 2020-08-25 16:02
Od: Springer Nature
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Dear Maciej Paszynski,
Springer Nature applauds the efforts and results of researchers to understand and further prevent the spread of Covid-19. At the beginning of March, the United States Office for Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) initiated a campaign which is supported by the National Science Advisors of 12 other countries with the request to deposit all published articles reporting on research results related to Covid-19 in the repositories of PubMed Central (PMC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In an effort to support scientific research and to ensure that important research is accessible to those who need it, Springer Nature has decided to make its related research in its publications and data freely available to the global scientific community. Immediate access was the key at a time where normal working at research institutions and in labs was unrealistic and not an option.

In the framework of these campaigns, we have deposited published journal articles and book chapters on coronaviruses. We identified your publication (in an automated process based on a set of search terms used in the global scientific discussion about Covid-19 research) and have thus included your publication in these campaigns and made it freely available to help fight the current pandemic:

We hope you will support the research community and us by allowing the temporary free access, full reuse rights, and text and data mining rights to your content and allow us to deposit your Covid-19 related content in our database as well as the in the PMC, and the WHO databases on your behalf. The rights that Springer Nature and other publishers are granting will be in effect for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis, i.e. until the WHO declares the end of this Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

Please contact us in case you do not agree with this or if you have any other concerns or questions.

Managing Director - Books
Springer Nature