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I’m an associate professor at AGH University of Science and Technology of Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in the Department of Silicates and Macromolecular Compounds.

The fields of my scientific interests are:

  • Special glasses for various applications
  • Waste immobilization
  • Glass network simulations
  • Multiferroic materials
  • Magnetic materials

At the moment I’m focused on phosphate glasses for various applications as biomaterials, electronics and waste immobilization. My works are devoted to an understanding of changes in a glass network on properties.

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Recent articles


Pawel Goj, Aleksandra Wajda, Agata Stoch, Ireneusz Krakowiak and Pawel Stoch

An Insight into the Correlation between Chemical Composition Changes of Aluminum-Iron-Polyphosphate Glasses and Thermal Properties

Materials, Volume 14, Issue 8, 2021, P-2065.

Journal of the European Ceramic Society

Paweł Goj, Aleksandra Wajda, Paweł Stoch

Raman imaging as a useful tool to describe crystallization of aluminum/iron-containing polyphosphate glasses

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Volume 41, Issue 8, July 2021, Pages 4572-4583.

Ceramics International

Paweł Stoch, Paweł Goj, Aleksandra Wajda, Agata Stoch

Alternative insight into aluminium-phosphate glass network from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations

Ceramics International, Volume 47, Issue 2, 15 January 2021,
Pages 1891-1902.

Ceramics International

Paweł Stoch, Paweł Goj, Małgorzata Ciecińska, Piotr Jeleń,
Artur Błachowski, Agata Stoch, Ireneusz Krakowiak

Influence of aluminum on structural properties of iron-polyphosphate glasses

Ceramics International, Volume 46, Issue 11, Part B, 1 August 2020,
Pages 19146-19157.

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids

Paweł Goj, Paweł Stoch

Influence of CaO on structural features of polyphosphate P2O5-Fe2O3-FeO glasses by molecular dynamics simulations

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Volume 537, 1 June 2020, 120014.

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Małgorzata Ciecińska, Paweł Goj, Agata Stoch & Paweł Stoch

Thermal properties of 60P2O5–(40−x)Al2O3–xNa2O glasses

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Volume 139, pages1763–1769(2020).

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AGH University Science and Technology
Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Department of Silicate Chemistry
and Macromolecular Compounds


B-8, Akademicka St. 2, III, 3.36


+48 12 617 52 20