CISIM 2013

Kłopotek Mieczysław Alojzy, Professor

Mieczysław Alojzy Kłopotek
Prof. Dr. Eng. Habil. Mieczyslaw A. Kłopotek graduated from the Dresden University of Technology. He works at the Institute of Computer Science. He has (co-)authored more than 300 scientific articles and four books. He has extensive industrial (NPCP CEMI, NuTechSolutions, Netezza, IBM) and teaching experience (lectures at Warsaw University of Technology and University of Natural and Human Sciences). Research interests include data, text and Web mining, search engines, machine learning and knowledge discovery, learning and reasoning under uncertainty.
Keynote Title:
What is the value of information - search engine's point of view

Within the domain of Information Retrieval, and in particular in the area of Web Search Engines, it has become obvious long time ago that there is a deep discrepancy between how the information is understood within computer science and by the man-in-the-street.
We want to make an overview of ways how the apparent gap can be closed using tools that are technologically available nowadays.
The key to a success probably lies in approximating the way how people would perform two subtasks of information retrieval: decision whether or not an information is relevant to a query and how to rank the information pieces. Though judging relevance seems to require understanding the semantics of documents, we insist that there are ways to shift the problem of understanding to the problem of search via appropriate semantic transformations of either query, or documents or both. We claim also that ranking may be based essentially on the approach of artificial intelligence: the human evaluation of specific documents can be generalized by approximating using machine learning methods.