CISIM 2013

CISIM 2013 Accepted Papers

Efficacy of some primary discriminant functions in diagnosing planetary gearboxes
Anna Bartkowiak and Radoslaw Zimroz Oral presentation
Identification of persons by virtue of hand geometry.
Anna Plichta, Tomasz Gąciarz and Szymon Szomiński Poster presentation
User Authentication for Mobile Devices
Marcin Rogowski, Khalid Saeed, Mariusz Rybnik, Marek Tabedzki and Marcin Adamski Oral presentation
Modified kNN algorithm for improved recognition accuracy of biometrics system based on gait
Marcin Derlatka Poster presentation
An Application of the Curvature Scale Space Shape Descriptor for Forensic Human Identification Based on Orthopantomograms
Dariusz Frejlichowski and Piotr Czapiewski Poster presentation
The impact of temporal proximity between samples on eye movement biometric identification
Paweł Kasprowski Oral presentation
Biomedical Distributed Signal Processing and Analysis
Marek Penhaker, Vladimir Kasik and Vaclav Snasel Poster presentation
Effect of Slice Thickness on Texture-Based Classification of Liver Dynamic CT Scans
Dorota Duda, Marek Kretowski and Johanne Bezy-Wendling Poster presentation
Independent Component Analysis for EEG Data Preprocessing - Algorithms Comparison
Paweł Górski and Izabela Rejer Poster presentation
An Adequate Representation of Medical Data Based on Partial Set Approximation
Zoltán Ernő Csajbók, Tamás Mihálydeák and József Ködmön Oral presentation
Bengali Printed Character Recognition – A New Approach
Soharab Hossain Shaikh, Marek Tabedzki, Nabendu Chaki and Khalid Saeed Oral presentation
Eye Location and Eye State Detection In Facial Images Using Circular Hough Transform
Ömer Faruk Söylemez and Burhan Ergen Oral presentation
Recognition of occluded faces based on multi-subspace classification
Pawel Forczmanski and Piotr Łabędź Oral presentation
Mahalanobis distance-based algorithm for ellipse growing in iris preprocessing
Krzysztof Misztal and Jacek Tabor Oral presentation
The data exploration system in image processing based on server-side operations
Magdalena Ładniak, Adam Piórkowski and Mariusz Młynarczuk Oral presentation
Image Restoration using Anisotropic Stochastic Diffusion Collaborated with Non Local Means
Dariusz Borkowski and Katarzyna Jańczak-Borkowska Poster presentation
A practical certificate and identity based encryption scheme and related security architecture
Tomasz Hyla and Jerzy Pejas Oral presentation
Study of Security Issues in Pervasive Environment of Next Generation Internet of Things
Tapalina Bhattasali, Rituparna Chaki and Nabendu Chaki Oral presentation
Security issues of IPv6 network autoconfiguration
Maciej Rostanski and Taras Mushynskyy Poster presentation
Security Aspects of Virtualization in Cloud Computing
Muhammad Kazim, Rahat Masood, Muhammad Awais Shibli and Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi Oral presentation
Threshold Method of Detecting Long-Time TPM Synchronization
Michał Dolecki and Ryszard Kozera Poster presentation
The Removal of False Detections from Foreground Regions Extracted using Adaptive Background Modelling for a Visual Surveillance System
Dariusz Frejlichowski, Pawel Forczmanski, Adam Nowosielski, Katarzyna Gościewska and Radosław Hofman Poster presentation
Using Backward Induction Techniques in (Timed) Security Protocols Verification
Mirosław Kurkowski, Olga Siedlecka-Lamch and Paweł Dudek Poster presentation
Telecommunications networks risk assessment with Bayesian networks
Marcin Szpyrka, Bartosz Jasiul, Konrad Wrona and Filip Dziedzic Oral presentation
Power Aware Cluster Based Routing (PACBR) protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Ayan Kumar Das, Rituparna Chaki and Atreyee Biswas Oral presentation
A Novel Incentive Based Scheme to Contain Selective Forwarding in Wireless Sensor Network
Samiran Chattopadhyay, Matangini Chattopadhyay, Saswati Mukherjee, Debarshi Sanyal, Roshni Neogy and Samanwita Pal Oral presentation
Synthetic Social Network Based on Competency-based Description of Human Resources
Štěpán Kuchař, Jan Martinovič, Pavla Dráždilová and Kateřina Slaninová Poster presentation
Displaying Genealogy with Adoptions and Multiple Remarriages Using the WHIteBasE
Seiji Sugiyama, Atsushi Ikuta, Daisuke Yokozawa, Miyuki Shibata and Tohru Matsuura Oral presentation
User Relevance for Item-based Collaborative Filtering
Latha Rananathan and Nadarajan R Oral presentation
Extraction of Agent Groups with Similar Behaviour Based on Agent Profiles
Katerina Slaninova, Jan Martinovic, Roman Sperka and Pavla Drazdilova Poster presentation
Aesthetic Patterns from the Perturbed Orbits of Discrete Dynamical Systems
Krzysztof Gdawiec Oral presentation
Weighted approach to projective clustering
Przemysław Spurek, Jacek Tabor and Krzysztof Misztal Oral presentation
Machine Learning with Known Input Data Uncertainty Measure
Wojciech M. Czarnecki and Igor T. Podolak Oral presentation
Learning algorithms in the detection of unused functionalities in SOA systems
Ilona Bluemke and Marcin Tarka Oral presentation
Construction of Sequential Classifier Using the Confusion Matrix
Robert Burduk and Pawel Trajdos Poster presentation
Growing Neural Gas -- A Parallel Approach
Lukas Vojacek and Jiri Dvorsky Oral presentation
Modified moment method estimator for the shape parameter of generalized Gaussian distribution for a small sample size
Robert Krupiński Poster presentation
Trajectory Estimation for Exponential Parameterization and Different Samplings
Ryszard Kozera, Lyle Noakes and Piotr Szmielew Oral presentation
Searching in the Structured Space of the Braille Music
Wladyslaw Homenda and Mariusz Rybnik Oral presentation
Solving Steel Alloying Using Dierential Evolution and SOMA
Michal Holiš, Lenka Skanderová, Martin Plaček, Jiří Dvorský and Ivan Zelinka Oral presentation
The Cost Estimation of Production Orders
Tomasz Chlebus Poster presentation
Achieving desired cycle times by modelling production systems
Arkadiusz Kowalski and Marcin Juszczyński Poster presentation
Artificial neural networks as tools for controlling production systems and ensuring their stability
Anna Burduk Oral presentation
Generalized Predictive Control for a Flexible Single-link Manipulator
Rahma Boucetta Poster presentation
A Disruption Recovery Model in a Production-Inventory System with Demand Uncertainty and Process Reliability
Sanjoy Paul, Ruhul Sarker and Daryl Essam Oral presentation