CISIM 2013

Postconference Publication
Authors of accepted papers in the field of Biometrics and its Applications will be invited to submit their extended versions in International Journal of Biometrics (IJBM).

Biometrics and human biometric characteristics form the basis of research in biological measuring techniques for the purpose of people identification and recognition. IJBM addresses the fundamental areas in computer science that deal with biological measurements. It covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of human identification and verification.
Suitable topics related to biometrics and its applications include, but are not limited to: Age, Anthropology, Audio-visual, Biology, Dermatoglyphics, DNA,Ear recognition, Emotion detection, Face recognition, Facial thermograms, Fingerprints, Gait, Gender, Genetic inheritance, Hand geometry, Hand veins, Iris recognition, Kansei engineering, Keystroke dynamics, Mouse gestures, Odour, Palm prints, Physical anthropology, Retina, Signature, Taste, Voice