About book

The book that accompanies the programs, which can be downloaded from this Web page is intended to introduce a Reader in an attracting and tireless way into the theme of neural networks. These networks belong to the popular and interesting field of Artificial Intelligence, which nowadays is often called "soft computational techniques" (or "soft computing"). This "softness" of neural networks comes from the fact that to solve computer science problems they do not use created a’priori "hard" algorithms, but they learn by themselves how to solve tasks presented to them. For this reason they often succeed to solve problems for which nobody has yet managed to build any efficient algorithm - and this is just beautiful!

There are many books which describe neural networks, however this book, introduced here by us, distinguishes itself, because with the help of this book the Reader by himself discovers the properties of neural networks. To enrich and fully support this discovery on this Web page there are placed programs, however to find out how to use them and how to interpret all the receiving results - it is necessary to read the book. So this book is the guide and the adviser for all persons practicing with these free available programs, and its additional advantage is the fact that this book can be read by literally everybody, because it presents all concepts through simple descriptions and inspiring pictures - without the use of even one mathematical formula. In spite of this limitation (which in reality is an advantage) after reading this book the Reader will possess almost a complete set of information on the subject of building neural networks, their functioning and the methods of applying them. After every chapter in this book there have been additionally placed the numerous assignments and examples for independent realizations, and which allow us to verify to what extent the Reader has really gained this knowledge.

We invite to use these programs and to read the indicated book, because by studying about neural networks one gets to know not only a very efficient and modern computer tool, but also finds out about functioning of one’s own brain. By practicing with the programs available here it is also possible to make a fascinating travel into the deep inside of our own brain with all its mental and intellectual abilities, because neural networks are the models of fragments of the natural biological nervous system. To investigate an alive brain one needs to have enormous laboratories and great funds, whereas programs presented here (and descriptions included inside the book) will allow You at home on Your own computer to carry on very interesting and inspiring experiences, thanks to which You will be able to discover and to deepen also the nature of a human intellect.

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