Attention: a new version of programs (1.1)! We strongly advice everyone who downloaded the previous version to make use of the new one.

Welcome to the page where you may download programs that accompany the book „Exploring Neural Networks with C#” published by CRC Press. To be able to use these programs a few steps are needed:

  1. Download .NET Framework 2.0. It is enough that you click this link and then do the following:

    • If you use Internet Explorer web browser then click on the button Save or the option Save this program on a disk. Then point the location where the file should be saved and once more click on the button Save. Try to remember the place where you have saved your file.

    • If You use Mozilla Firefox web browser then to save a file click on the button Save. Firefox by default saves files on the Desktop, unless one points a different location by clicking the following buttons: Tools -> Options -> Main -> Downloading.

    If you know that .NET Framework version 2.0 (or higher) has already been installed on your computer, then you may skip steps no 2 and 3.

  2. Download the program installer. Click the following link and then - in the same way as previously - save the file on the disk.

  3. Install the .NET Framework. Click twice on the previously downloaded file dotnetfx.exe. The installer will appear and will guide you through the installation process.

  4. Install the example programs. Click twice on the file „Neural_Networks_Examples_Setup.msi”. There will appear the next sequential installer. On the first screen click on the button Next. On the second screen You may click at once on the button Next, unless Your computer is also used by some other people and You would like to allow them to use these programs - then before clicking Next mark the option Everyone. After doing this click on the button Next and then on the button Close.

If You have made everything correctly then on Your Start menu our example programs should appear. If You have had some problems, make sure you have everything in the way that is needed; and if despite everything you cannot manage - then let us know about it.

Information about the latest version

Source codes

Important: Source codes are not required to run the programs!

Source codes of the programs can be downloaded from here. They have form of a Visual Studio solution packed into ZIP archive. A free version of Visual Studio Express can be downloaded from Microsoft website.

Version archive

Although we recommend to always use the latest version of programs, there sometimes might be need to use a previous version. In such case, please use our archive.

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