AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Geo-data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering
Department of Integrated Geodesy and Cartography
al. Mickiewicza 30
building C-4, room 12
30-059 Krakow, Poland
tel.: 12 617-33-23


dr hab. inż.  Piotr Banasik, prof. AGH 
dr hab. inż.  Anna Barańska, prof. AGH  
dr hab. inż.  Małgorzata Buśko prof. AGH 
dr hab. inż.  Paweł Hanus, prof. AGH 
dr hab. inż.  Krystian Kozioł prof. AGH 
dr hab. inż.  Robert Krzyżek, prof. AGH  
dr hab. inż.  Jacek Kudrys prof. AGH 
dr hab. inż.  Marcin Ligas prof. AGH 
dr hab. inż.  Edward Preweda, prof. AGH 
dr hab. inż.  Bogdan Skorupa prof. AGH 
dr inż.  Tadeusz Szczutko prof. AGH 
dr inż.  Izabela Basista  
dr inż.  Kazimierz Bujakowski  
dr inż.  Ewa Dębińska  
dr inż.  Mariusz Frukacz  
dr inż.  Elżbieta Jasińska  
dr inż.  Kamil Maciuk  
dr inż.  Józef Maślanka  
dr inż.  Joanna Pałubska  
dr inż.  Agnieszka Pęska-Siwik  
dr inż.  Anna Przewięźlikowska  
dr inż.  Mikołaj Skulich  
dr inż.  Stanisław Szombara  
mgr inż.  Adrianna Flammer
inż.  Katarzyna Polińska


The main research topic carried out at the Department is the improvement of measurement and calculation methods for the needs of integrated geodesy, cartography and GIS, including: optimal use of the quasi-geoid model in leveling, development of geostatistical methods, development of algorithms increasing the reliability and accuracy of measurement results, testing of instruments for geodetic measurements, as well as automation of astrometric measurements.

The research topics also include issues of satellite geodesy related to the use of RTN GNSS technology for measurement of objects difficult to access, development of GNSS satellite orbit prediction methods, precise GNSS positioning and monitoring of seismic phenomena using GNSS techniques.

In the field of cartography and geographic information systems, research is carried out to, among others: automate cartographic generalization, design and implement spatial data processing algorithms and object classification algorithms, design real estate cadastre databases, and harmonize and visualize georeferencing databases.