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Since all that you may want to know about my professional carrier is written in Curriculum Vitae I am not gonna write to much about myself here. For any questions please feel free to come to my office and ask in person, or call me +4812-6173408, or skype me, or write an e-mail.

The list of my recent papers is here.

My Hirsch index is 5 (according to both: Scopus and Web Of Science, as of 1.III.2016)

My Erdős Number is 4 (via W. Koczkodaj, W. Holsztyński, S. Fajtlowicz) :)

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Konrad Kułakowski Department of Applied Computer Science AGH University of Science and Technology Al. Mickiewicza 30 30-059 Krakow, POLAND building: C2 office: 427 building: HB4
office: 118
building: D13
office: 305

phone: +48 12 617 3408 skype: konrad2499 e-mail: konrad.kulakowski(at)agh.edu.pl


If you are a student, please always put the word STD in the message title! Even if you write to me directly (i.e. not via web form). It helps me to keep my e-mail box tidy (and you have a guarantee that e-mail would not be classified as a spam).

Secure e-mails

If you writing to me you want to preserve the confidentiality you can use my PGP public key to encrypt the message: konrad-kulakowski-pub-key.asc Anyway, for the first contact you are asked to use an unencrypted web form available here.

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For some time I am actively using DropBox storage. This is a virtual disk which allows me to keep in a cloud different useful stuff. Recently, I noticed that I can enlarge the capacity of my DropBox storage, if someone signs up for DropBox via my recommendation link. So, if you plan to join DropBox solution or you just want to try how it works, please make me a favor and do that via this recommendation link. BTW: person who register into DropBox via recommendation link gets additional 250MB of storage for free!

In every day work I use Wikipedia. I am a fan of this project! That's why I would like to say:

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