Why a Master’s Degree?

Why is it worth going to MSc studies and finishing your MSc thesis?

  • How many programmers over 30 are there in Silicon Valley?
  • How old is the oldest employee in his company? …
  • Maybe it is worth investing in a position to have a nice job when you are 35+?
  • Look what Sergey Brin and Larry Page learned before they came up with Google. This is definitely not taught at Eng. studies.

Why is it worth selecting MSc studies at AGH Dept. Telecommunications?

  • Only two full semesters and a “half” of the last: but you gain a diploma of a prestigious degree from a very good faculty (A+).
  • Master’s studies potentially deepen and broaden your knowledge (in the course of your work you can be focused on narrow issues only; it is difficult to break out later if you do not have a broader perspective).
  • AGH Dept. Telecommunications offers conceptually ambitious courses, also with the support of top IT companies.
  • AGH Dept. Telecommunications increases the rate of remote courses (even in the post-COVID era!).
  • AGH Dept. Telecommunications offers theoretical foundations, enabling easier development of your own knowledge in the future (is your company able to develop in 5-10 years if there are only graduates of Eng. studies?).
  • Krakow is nowadays a great market for IT students and specialists. Certainly, you will be able to work in a corporation if you spend 3 more semesters at the university; but it will be extremely difficult to return to studies after a few years in a corporation. In fact, MSc studies are not for you in your early twenties, their are an investment in you being 30+ 🙂