laboratories and equipment

The Department of Geoinformatics and Applied Computer Science has an air-conditioned computer laboratory with 30 posts and a computer-based measurement system laboratory. The Department has a modern IBM Blade-type server system. The server system is composed of 14 dedicated machines, every machine has two quad-core processors Intel type and 16GB of RAM memory. They are connected to fast internal Ethernet network, which allows for very efficient cooperation of all servers. Moreover, the Department has three special graphic stations of Blade server type equipped with modern graphic cards NVIDIA Quadro that can carry out 80 Gflop floating-point operations per second. In connection with a cluster of PC computers created on the basis of existing computer laboratories, the available computational speed is sufficient for efficient processing of complicated computational problems, that are often met in the Earth sciences.

The Department’s scientific and didactic infrastructure guarantees students to obtain knowledge at the highest world level, and researches and students to carry on challenging research and scientific projects.