Welcome to the homepage of dr hab. inż. Jarosław W±s -- Assistant Professor:

AGH University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, IT and Biomedical Engineering

Department of Applied Computer Science (Informatyka AGH, Katedra Informatyki Stosowanej)

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High Performance Computing in Modeling and Simulation HPCMS 2018, Cambridge, UK

Special Session on Computational Swarm Intelligence - 9th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence Technologies and Applications (ICCCI 2017). Nicosia, Cyprus, 27th-29th September 2017 Computational Swarm Intelligence

12-th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry September 5 - 8 ACRI 2016, Fez, Morocco

8-th International Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics October 17 - 21 PED 2016, Hefei, China

Interesting open access texts about Management Science - CEOpedia

Application of Nature-inspired Techniques for Communication Networks EvoCOMNET 2016

High Performance Computing in Modelling And Simulation HPCMS 2016

Workshop on Complex Collective Systems 2015 (4th edition) September 6 - 9 2015, Krakow, Poland, held in conjunction with PPAM 2015 International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics

11-th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry : 22 - 25 September 2014 ACRI 2014, Krakow AGH University of Science and Technology

Office hours for students:

Pavilon C-2 room 312 - Please send an email to schedule an appointment


dr hab. inż. Jarosław W±s, C2 room 312

e-mail: jarek(-at-)agh(-dot-)edu(-dot-)pl

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