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phone: (12) 617-29-21, fax: (12) 617-29-21
e-mail: Maciej.Pietrzyk@agh.edu.pl

Pietrzyk, Maciej, born on March 6, 1947 in Krakow. MSc in 1970 - Faculty of Electrical Engineering AGH
PhD in 1975 - Faculty of Metallurgy AGH
Dr hab. in 1983 - Faculty of Metallurgy AGH
Full Professor in 1992 - Faculty of Metallurgy and Material Sciences AGH

Basketball player in TS Wisła Krakow between 1962 and 1974, Champion of Poland twice.

Scientific interest focuses on application of numerical methods in metallurgy and materials science. Author of over 500 publications in scientific journals and conference proceedings, co-author of two books on Thermal-Mechanical Modelling of the Flat Rolling Process published by Springer-Verlag in 1991 and Mathematical and Physical Simulation of the Properties of Hot Rolled Products published by Elsevier in 1999. Author of the textbook on Application of numerical methods in metal forming published by AGH in 1992.

Head of the Department of Applied Computational Science and Modelling 1997-2016. Member of the Central Council for Scientific Degrees and Titles in Poland for the term of 1997/99. Vice President of the Committee of Metallurgy in the Polish Academy of Sciences. Member of the AGH Senate in terms 2002-2005 and 2005-2008.

Married, Wife Alina Pietrzyk graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering AGH in 1970, she worked as a Lecturer at the Department of Pedagogic, Department of the Applied Social Sciences AGH, retired in 2007. Son Wojciech is a graduate of Mathematics at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Daughter Marta is the graduate of Management at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and at the University of Strasbourg in France. She is also a post-graduate of Management at the University of Chambery in France.

Hobby: sports, mainly basketball, skiing and tennis.

Address: Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza
Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków, Poland
tel.: (12) 617-29-21, fax: (12) 617-29-21
E-mail: Maciej.Pietrzyk@agh.edu.pl

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