Adapting Enterprise Architecture at a Software Development Company

For those interested on both enterprise and software architectures, please take a look at presentation slides of the paper „Adapting Enterprise Architecture at a Software Development Company and the Resultant Benefits”. The slides of the paper are presented during European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) 2014 Conference which took place at University of Vienna. The paper was published at Springer LNCS 8627.

In the publication an approach is proposed for developing an enterprise architecture at a software development company. That type of company differs from other companies in relation to software usage and development, hence a corresponding approach should be used. An efficient solution based on own experience is proposed in this paper. The solution includes the following main set of activities: defining a motivation model, adapting architecture modeling tools, IT landscape creation products, building architecture capabilities in the organization, implementing standards and guidelines, applying architecture governance, defining the architect’s roles, managing risks, using architecture governance.

The proposed solution is introduced in an iterative way in the software development company.

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