Lectures, projects and seminars

Lectures, projects and seminars at the full-time second-cycle studies. Study line: Computer Science, The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Engineering in Biomedicine.

Currently, I deliver lectures and conduct projects for the following classes:

1. Enterprise architecture of project management

The aim of these classes is to present the IT project management in a company from the point of view of the enterprise architecture. The enterprise architecture is shown by means of the following notations: ArchiMate, BPMN, mind maps and ontological models. The IT project management is based on the most popular methodologies: the classic PMBOK and agile Scrum.

2. Business modelling and enterprise architectures

The aim of these classes is to recognise the rules of modelling and developing the enterprise architecture. The consecutive stages of modelling and developing the architecture are presented in a systematic way: the definition of the strategy and descriptions of the following layers: motivation, business, application, infrastructure, implementation and migration. The way of developing architectural competences and the architecture development cycle based on TOGAF are presented.

3. Cloud computing

The aim of these classes is to gain knowledge of the rules for managing cloud services during the lifecycle of services, application of the SOA paradigm to cloud computing, implementation models of cloud computing.