LHC beauty

CP Violation in Heavy Flavour Physics - summer 2018

Agnieszka Oblakowska-Mucha & Tomasz Szumlak
AGH UST Krakow
Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science
Wednesday 15:30-17 U5/08
28.02 Introduction Introduction.pdf
7.03 Dirac Equation & Antiparticles Antiparticles.pdf
14.03 Symmetries Symmetries.pdf
21.03 Current current interaction Currents.pdf
28.03 Tutorial Tutorial1.pdf
11.04 Tutorial Tutorial 1 cont.
18.04 CKM matrix CKM.pdf
25.04 Paper reading club I (e-learning) papers
9.05 CP Violation in kaons decays CPV_kaons.pdf
16.05 Tutorial Tutorial 1 cont.
23.05 CP Violation in charm & beauty CPV_Bsystem.pdf
30.05 Experimental methods Tutorial 2
CPV in experiment.pdf
6.06 Project e-learning
13.06 Experimental methods
Students' presentations
20.06 Project Discussion


  • M.Thomson "Modern Particle Physics"
  • A.Bettini "Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics"
  • D.H. Perkins "Introduction to High Energy Physics"
  • A.J. Buras "CP Violation in B and K decays" hep-ph/0307203
  • B. Kayser "CP Violation in the K and B systems" hep-ph/9702264
  • J. Rosner "CP Violation in B decays" hep-ph/0011355