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  1. Modelling of neurons, (as-neuron), receptors, sensory fields, nervous systems (associative systems), associative processes, associations, knowledge, cognition mechanisms, and intelligence...
  2. Development of algorithms for conversion of relational databases into active associative neural graphs (ANAKG) and artificial associative systems (AAS)
  3. Development of associative mechanisms for data mining (associative data mining)
  4. Development of associative mechanisms for semi-automatic context-sensitive proofreading on the basis of linguistic knowledge formed in neural artificial associative systems.
  5. Construction of intelligent chatbots using associative knowledge, associative mechanisms, artificial associations, and artificial associative systems.
  6. Modelling and understanding of natural human languages (Human Language Understanding (HLU)) thanks to their representation in Artificial Asociative Systems (AAS) and development of new methods of artificial intelligence that are based on knowledge formed in an associative way (Artificial Associative Knowledge-Based Intelligence (AAKBI).

Students interested in these subjects are invited to apply (by e-mail or consultations) for inclusion in the research in these fields and the arrangements of topics for engineering, master's, and doctoral theses. There is an opportunity to start an interesting Engineer's or Master's dissertation or PhD dissertation in the field of above given scientific research.

ANAKG - Active Neural Associative Knowledge Graphs