Information Freedom and Associative Artificial Intelligence

Autor/Author: Adrian Horzyk

Wydawnictwo/Publisher: Springer Verlag, LNAI, 2012


Today, majority of collected data and information are usually passively stored in data bases and in various kinds of memory cells and storage media that let them do nothing more than waiting for being used by some algorithms that will read, write or modify them. Nowadays, the majority of computational techniques do not allow pieces of information to associate with each other automatically. This paper introduces a novelty theory that lets information be free and active. There is allowed that some pieces of information can automatically and autonomously associate with the other pieces of it after some introduced associative rules characteristic also for biological information systems. As a result of this, each new information has an automatic impact on information processing in a brainlike artificial neural structure that can enable machines to associate various pieces of information automatically and autonomously. It can also enable machines actively perform some cognitive and thinking processes and constitute real artificial intelligence in the future.